True Love Tarot/Oracle Reading ($75.00)

This reading is aimed at those who are looking for guidance and insight regarding a current partnership. Twelve cards will be pulled to offer extensive insight into the thoughts, feelings, actions, wants, and behavior of you and your partner and provide advice and guidance regarding how you should proceed.


This reading is perfect for those who identify with the twin flame journey or a soul mate relationship.

Into The Mind Relationship Spread ($60)

This eight card spread will show you a snapshot of where your relationship stands with another person.  This reading can work for any type or relationship! It outlines the current energy between you, how the first person thinks and feels, how the second person thinks and feels, what you are revealing to each other and where you are heading in the near future together. This is one of my favorite spreads!

General Guidance ($50.00)

This reading is the perfect choice to give you guidance into the future. This five card reading covers your past, present, influencing factors, and overall outcome to your question or inquiry. This reading is excellent for providing you guidance in your life.

Custom Light Language Prayer ($12.00)

Light language is often referred to as the language of the soul. Light language, which is sometimes known as "tongues," is a form of heightened spiritual channelling which delivers it's message through sounds and tones felt intuitively in the soul, rather than through the mind. Each person responses to light language differently, though most agree that they feel cleansed and uplifted after experiencing light language.  

A custom light language prayer can be channeled for you to listen to at your leisure. The prayer will be delivered in the form of an mp3 with soft music in the background. Each prayer will vary in duration depending on the particular message that is channeled. Please allow up to 10 calendar days for delivery.

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General Information

Please be advised that all readings are for entertainment purposes only; always use your own discretion and discernment with any and all information you receive.  Please allow up to ten days for your order to be delivered to you. Though it does not usually take that long for a reading to be delivered, please be aware that this is a possibility. Readings will be sent to you via a private video link in your invoice , unless otherwise noted. Once you  place your order, please include the name of the individuals the reading is for and/or the subject matter you wish me to provide insight on; please email me the information via the contact page of my website so I can provide you a quality order in a timely fashion. Please be aware that the messages that come through are what you need to know and in divine timing. Many blessings and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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