Light language is often referred to as the language of the soul. Light language, which is sometimes known as "tongues," is a form of heightened spiritual channelling which delivers it's message through sounds and tones felt intuitively in the soul, rather than through the mind. Each person responses to light language differently, though most agree that they feel cleansed and uplifted after experiencing light language.  

A custom light language prayer can be channeled for you to listen to at your leisure. The prayer will be delivered in the form of an mp3 with soft music in the background. Each prayer will vary in duration depending on the particular message that is channeled. Please allow up to 10 calendar days for delivery.

Personalized Light Language Prayer

  • All prayers are recorded specifically for you. These will be provided to you as a downloadable audio file within the delivery period. If you have a specific request or intention for your channeled prayer, please include that within the notes upon ordering.